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 Steve Vde is managing director of:

- Exclusive Car Detailing

- Pure Porsche Detailing

- Perfect Oldtimer Detailing

He has been active for 25 years as a professional high end detailer of new and used cars, classic and vintage cars. Where others often stop, he goes many further into detail.


He is always looking for the best products and machines that offer the best quality for detailing your car. The interior is cleaned down to the last detail. The exterior is first thoroughly cleaned down to the detail. After thorough analysis, the car paint is polished. One can opt for a regular paint-cleaning (#simonise) but this is often not enough. With this, the scratches are not all out of the paint. Then one can opt for polishing the lacquer (#lakcorrection). This can be done in several steps, even it is possible to remove the texture of the paint so that you get a #spiegel effect. All this in consultation and wishes of the customer. Placing coating is a must for every new car, as the paint has not received any protection from the factory. This allows your new car to show slight scratches when picking up at the car dealer. Coatings can be placed on all cars, even on #oldtimers. ServFaces Ceramic Coating is the ideal coating for both interiors and exteriors to protect. We have a coating for everyone's budget.

We are distributor of the world-famous ceramic coating #ServFaces. We distribute these products across the Benelux. This is a care range for maintaining both the interior and the exterior of the car. Available through our webshop. In addition, we offer a line that is ideal for your car as aftercare. For this we can recommend the Labocosmetica products in addition to the ServFaces line. All our photos that you find on our site or on our Facebook page Steve Vde or Exclusive Car Detailing are raw photographs.