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The new face of Coating

  • Transparent, invisible, long-term coating
  • Fluorine-free and UV resistant
  • Anti-graffiti effect and protection against almost all acids and alkalise, as well as organic solvents
  • Temperature-resistant from 900 °C – 1500 °C
  • Time window for processing and hardening variable according to customer wish

Task us – we look forward to every challenge.



servFaces – high-strength silicon resin coatings

A technology for numerous surfaces. The transparent and high-strength surface coatings in the servFaces range are diverse and unique quality products, and offer optimum protection for a wide range of application areas.

Multi-talented surface optimisation

The highly transparent silicon resin coatings form a long-term effective, scratch and dirt resistant protective layer from just small application quantities.

Due to the use of minimal material, the resin coatings are particularly well suited for large-scale application areas. For simple anti-graffiti protection on fences or as an invisible protective layer on exterior cladding and stainless surfaces – with it, damage due to resin, salt, acid, weathering and mechanical influences has no chance. Our high-strength silicon resin coatings are also extremely heat-resistant up to 1500 °C. This does not result in any negative change to the fire properties of the surface. In particular in industrial applications

we are able to fulfil all requirements of our customers. Through our unique manufacturing process we can manufacture a wide range of coatings for almost every surface. Not suitable for coating are PVC and polypropylene.

The nature factor

Our aim is to deliver unique products that leave a good feeling. During development we therefore ensure optimum compatibility with mankind and the environment. The servFaces resin coatings are food-safe after hardening.